Welcome to our Investment site.

Managing Investment ProposalsWe Manage Investment Proposals taking a Conservative – Low Risk – Long Term Approach.

We look for Unique Investment Opportunities as they may arise through time.

Due to the Character of our Investment Philosophy, our Services are directed towards few individuals.

Managing Investment ProposalsRevfin Holdings management has over 20 years of experience in offering investment ideas and managing personal funds discreetly. We keep an open eye for selected investment opportunities that may arise in different areas all over the world and propose them to our clients – “friends”.

We like to see those few select individuals that we consult with, more as friends than clients, thus building long lasting and trusting relationships. Subsequently we provide long term management according to each different type of investment.


Managing Investment ProposalsOur expert team is headed by Mr. D. Revelas who with his unique investment style and ideas has achieved above average returns on equity for many years since the mid 90’s. Mr. Revelas has an MBA degree from Rollins College in Florida USA and has traveled and lived in many countries all over the world thus acquiring knowledge of different cultures, work environments and world economic conditions.

A limited number of experts in the fields of finance and accounting compliment our team in working fast to process data and reach sound investment ideas.

Managing Investment ProposalsIn addition we have close cooperation with external associates – each one of them being an expert in his/her respective fields – who provide us with up to date valid information on different investment markets.

All of us together offer a competent and fully operational investment network, at your disposal, to present you with and manage for you exceptional investment proposals.


Managing Investment ProposalsAmong the various areas where one can invest their available funds in – ranging from bonds and index funds to classic cars and art – we prefer to concentrate in 2 distinct types of investments; those of Individual Stocks and Real Estate. It is in those areas that we have the Most Expertise, and it is those which have proven over Time to provide Considerably High Returns on Equity while employing Low Risk when Managed with Prudence.

Managing Investment ProposalsWe are always on alert to spot unique opportunities in Real Estate to recommend for purchase and Exceptional Stocks to follow Long Term.

These investment proposals we present to you in detail and upon your agreement we materialize them. Then we offer you the option to manage them – each one independently according to specific terms drawn on an individual basis – if you think this to be to your best interest.


Managing Investment ProposalsIndividual Stocks:

We believe in following few well established companies – leaders in their respective fields – with excellent future outlook. No wild and vast diversifications here within a stock portfolio (internal diversification); we concentrate on few of the best companies and invest in them when the price and the market conditions are right – aiming to keep them “forever” – providing that the fundamentals stay unchanged.

Real estate:

Managing Investment ProposalsWe like to concentrate in exceptional pieces of Real Estate than even country financial crises or major economic recessions and wild interest rates won’t easily affect their worth.
We are always on the look out for both residential and commercial real estate; whether this is a Greek island, a villa or apartment in the best of the best locations, land to build a golf course or a hotel resort, an office building in the center of the city we will make sure to find the best available for you – it will be the right choice, the one most suitable to your investment profile. Clear titles and all legal documentation will be presented to you for your approval.


Managing Investment ProposalsIn todays ever changing world where the rapid advancement of technology creates new challenges that make it possible for new business opportunities to arise, one has to be on the outlook for New Business Ventures to invest in.

Managing Investment ProposalsUnder this perspective and taking into consideration the fact that traditional investments become more risky and unpredictable in the so called “New World Economy” environment, RevfinHolding’s management has decided to seek and invest directly in various business ventures in different industries as these may look profitable (e.g. in tourism, transportation, luxury living etc).

Our preferred way of doing so is by outsourcing work or by establishing subsidiary companies.
In that way we keep the core of the company’s business purpose as it was originally designated – that is Investment Consulting.